Windy_Mike needs an Anni!


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Windy_Mike needs an Anni!

So, after succesfully obtaining a CTA for a good price (thanks again, mega!), my next mission is to get an Anni for my Windy Druid.

Since I am aware that my purchasing power is still pretty weak, I am not expecting anything in a mid-high range. Any Anni would be just fine!

I am planning to have this thread open till Sunday evening. Hopefully Ill be able to receive some offers by then.

Here's what I have for trade:
Mid-higher runes:
Vex x 1
Ist x 1

Ko x 7
Crafting mats to help close the deal:
Ort x 46
Amn x 12
Hel x 5
Tal x 38
Pammy x 8

Thanks for help!