Windy Summon Help


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Windy Summon Help


Ok well right now i've maxed all the ele skills i need to max for my windy. I have put 1 point into oak, raven, summon spirit wolf. Now i am lvl 76 and have i think like +2-3 skills saved up + i plan on lvling more, so should i just pump oak sage OR put points into dire wolf + grizzly than rest pump oak sage?

I like spirit wolfs better since i get more, and i dont plan on using them for killing ppl, just decoys.

Help please.



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Oak is your best choice since you get 95% more life at lvl. 20 the you would at lvl. 1. Putting more then 1 point in Wolves is useless since they all die in one hit anyways, and like you said, they are just decoys. However after maxing Oak which should take you to lvl. 92 or so, get Grizzly as they help against opponents with a large radius of attack; Orbs, Hurricanes, Teeth.


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Definitely max Oak will boost the life of you, your summons and your merc...Your minions will give patethic damage even if you decide to put points in Grizzly, so that's a no no...Dire wolves will give more life to your summons but so will Oak Sage...and the defence+attack bonus from spirit is definitely not worth it..


only summon u want besides sage is spirit wolf, u can have more of those than dire's

the one thing i regret about my druid is i put a point into dire wold :mad: :mad: :mad:

at lvl90 that is the only mistake i made with him...everything else is good and he has 100% vit


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hello im sorry but i would get 1 point into grizzlky cause when u tele he sits on top of u so ur protected for one hit but most defntly max sage :D