Windy Max block or base PVM


Windy Max block or base PVM


Windy Druid

this is my first druid ever and i have read a few guides but most of them are for max block but they are all PVP.

what is the standard that most people do.

i have noticed that the biggest weakness of druids is that they do not have any skills to up their defence so it remains terrible compared to the other melee characters. therefore maybe a max block is applicable?

please let me know what you think and what the normal course of action is



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I wouldn't recommend max block, if this is for strictly PvM.
In PvM it always nice to have the extra +skills and more FCR.

Instead put some extra points in str.(unless you use Enigma ofc.) Enough to wear Monarch(Spirit)


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the dex+strength points could be invested in vit for more life.........with a decent oak you will have some life...........