Windy FCR and FHR help needed


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Windy FCR and FHR help needed

Hello fellow diablo players.

Sorry if this topic has been discussed but it takes a long time to go through the guides on this site.

I have a non-block windy druid (*using spirit monarch) with the following items~

Shako- clean
Hoto- 40fcr
Spirit- 34fcr
Maras- 29res
Enigma MP
Arachs- 20fcr
2x SOJs
Mage fists- 20 fcr
Druid Torch 19/19
Annihilus 20/20/7
5x elemental gcs 1 with 5str and the other 4 are plain

On Switch

5/6/2 cta with a spirit monarch

After all this being said, I want to ask how much fcr and fhr would be requried for decent pvm and pvp games. Please feel free to alter my gear and make some suggestions to my gear. Also i feel i need some fhr charms... am i correct?

Furthermore, i have a problem with defense... can someone please state the defense that is viable for windy druids?

Would my driud need a ber in his shako or shael to increase the fhr?

Sorry about the extensive questions but i would really like to perfect my druid. Thank you in advance for your replies and GOOOOO the druid race. lol


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To be efective in PvP i would sugest replacing the spirit with storm shield (huge damage reduced and better block ).
In doing so you would also need to replace the rings with some FCR rings in order to reach the 99 FCR breackpoint.
For PvP the 99 FHR is also recomanded. To reach this you can use charms but i(after someone adviced me to do so) swaped the trecks for shadowdancers wich have an extra 10% FHR and dexterity for better block. A shael'd sako would also help :smiley:
I would use a 2/20/2 or a 3/20/2 fcr helm over shako if you replace the spirit with SS, which I would do) that will put you at 100fcr which is good plus you can put into it 2 shaels for 40 more fhr.