Windy Druid questions


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I've been rolling a windy druid for a couple of weeks now, had some luck with drops recently, but still feel like it's struggling in hell.

Here's my gear (not great but I'm playing self found only, no trades)

Helm - andy's (don't have any good pelts/circlets)
Armor - upped Vipermagi
Amulet - +1 druid/fcr/mana/res
Belt - Arachnid's mesh
Weapon - Heart of the oak in a flail
Shield - Spirit Monarch
Rings - SoJ/rare fcr
Gloves - Magefist
Boots - Aldur's

I know the helm and amulet would be my next upgrades but this can't be the reason I'm unable to go above Players 1 efficiently.
Damage: nado - 3.3k, hurricane 1.7k
Life with maxed sage - 3.7k
Are these numbers low/ok? Can I expect this build to be p8 viable? My Witchyzon can own p8 at a decent pace while also missing a good helm.


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The number are a bit low. Try to get a +3 elemental ammy, they are not that rare. You dont need highest fcr breakpoints in pvm.
Try to get a few skillers as well. Reroll magic gc with ilvl > 50 with three pgems. Use a holy freeze merc.

Tyler Law

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The numbers are bit sub par. A perfect windy druid will be doing ~6k (at least for me), have yuo not done tornado synergies? If not I recommend more +skills, as a caster they reign supreme for the windy druid.