Windy druid help


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Windy druid help

I am pretty much set for casters but my concern is for BVC and ther melee duelers.
What gear sud I wear to achieve 99fcr/99fhr with berd stormshield? (This cuts a lot of fcr/fhr in alternate to spirit.)
Where sud the strength be coming from. Not too GG items tho.
These are the gear I have/ will get.

Helm:2/20/40 circ but no res and str|| 2/20/10str circ|| 2/30str/20dex 1os circ
Armor: Enigma MP
For gloves: Bloodfist/Trangs/Magefist
Rings: SOJ/BK/Suggested fcr rings?
Ammy:Mara/Suggested rare?
Boots:15/15 treks
Shield:34fcr spirit/berd SS

18/19 torch
18/19 anni
4str ele gc
6str ele gc
20 lifers scs/life+fire res scs/5 fhr sc/5all res sc

Can anyone help to mix and match gear and make it 99/99 having enuf str to wear SS?


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Get crafted 20 fcr amulet (not needed if u use pelt)
ss 'ber'
rings: 2x fcr rings with Strenght (40 is max from both iirc)

Missing fhr you can make up with 5fhr scs.
Enjoy :thumbsup:

EDIT: Just noticed u have 2/20/40. In this case you dont have to make up fhr at all :wink3: