Windhammer oO


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Windhammer oO

So after quite a few Pindle runs tonight, this unique dropped for me. It looks kinda cool on paper, but I'm wondering if it's actually useful, in reality? And if so, for what char/build?


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i ud this sometimes for twinking my IK barb before he is able to wear IK set. also is good for a Fury dr00d


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The amount of strength it requires is kinda disgusting. :(

The only time I've ever seen it used was on this funny CtC themed Dr00d.


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nah its possible to run a enchantress with wind hammer but I agree the str req is obscene


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Well, if you want it for a fury wolf, you should be socketing it with an IAS jewel (cannot recall if IAS can spawn on rare jewels, but I would doubt it considering that I have not seen it mentioned in even the most bnet-oriented guides). However, in my eyes at least, the high strength requirement is not that bad. First, it gives you a bonus 247 off-weapon ED. Second, consider how much you are saving by not investing anything in dex (either for a spear/polearm, or for max blocking). Especially compared to a max blocking build, you should end up with about as many if not more free stat points, unless perhaps compared to something like a paladin using Whistan's Guard:

WH = 225 strength
Bonehew = 195 str + 75 dex (fairly comparable 2-handed weapon)
Stormshield = 156 str + >100 dex (well over, even if Eld'ed)
Whistan's Guard on a clvl 80 sorc/druid/nec = 53 str + ~150 dex

On a side note, yes, a 2-weapon user would almost certainly have a lower stat investment. But how many of those builds (or weapon/shield builds, for that matter) give you 50% crushing blow per attack without needing Gore Riders/G. Face/Duress/blood gloves? I would not argue that Windhammer is a perfect weapon. But, if you plan to be using it and invest nothing in dex accordingly (assuming you do not want max block on your weapon switch, for instance), I think that the stat requirement alone is hardly a reason to shy away from it.


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I've you're into trading I'm sure a grailer will give you something you could really find useful for it.