wind or fire ele druid for solo play?


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wind or fire ele druid for solo play?

just wondered. i dont have alot of eq as i only have an alternate javazon on US East non ladder but I wondered what the community prefers. Thanks :)



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stoutewolf said:
:thumbsup: 40% of the monsters in hell are fire immune. THerefor i advice you to go the windy way
Amen brother!

Should you go down the windy road (fear my subtle humour!) Be forewarned; you will be all but useless until you get to level 24, and thus have access to tornado. As this is for PvM, I won't suggest any dupewords, or duped uniques, but spectral shard, and later on, wizard spike are your best friends.

You will own all in the Flayer Jungle. Tornado + Synergy + high Faster cast rate = Serious crowd control. Fun to play too.
with fire skills you will also have a physical element form molten boulders and volcanos - but if you feel they don't do the job, in single play you can go hybrid. Use fissure as your main fire skill, max cyclone and tornado to take care of physical damage needs faster, and to incorporate resists - also with the synergy from tornado, hurricane will be of some, albeit small, assistance as well.