Wind druids


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Wind druids


Can you make a good wind druid without twinking, or being exeptionally lucky?
Any wind druids out there who dont use twister?
Whats the dmg output like?

Any feedback would be very helpful :thumbsup:


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Few charecters are easier to make in single player or to a poor player. No doubt. Maxing Hurricane as soon as you get it makes you rock nightmare like no other, but many will argue.

The hard thing is getting to level 24 when you get your first real damage skill.

Tip: Pump strength a lot for damage and heavy weapons to speed it all up. Use skills in prerequisites only and save the rest untill level 12. You now get cyclone armor. It helps a bit. Pump it until lvl 18. Get 3 in dire wolf (they make your meleeing a lot easier) and continue pumping cyclone until lvl 24. Reached the easy part. Pump tornadoes until lvl 30. Get on point in hurrycane. Done. :thumbsup:

A poor charecter usually reach ~6-10 + all skills. Use this site to calculate your damage:


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i suggest you remove the link to that website. There are all calcs out there that are not part of d2 online stores. post has been reported.