Wind Druid skills/shield


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Wind Druid skills/shield

Hey all. Two questions:

1) Which skills should I put into for my Wind Druid? So far I have:

1, Raven
1, Spirit Wolf
20, Oak Sage
1, Arctic Blast
1, Cyclone Armor
20, Twister
20, Tornado
12, Hurricane

So, what should I be putting my points into? Do I continue with Hurricane, or is Cyclone Armor more important as a whole?

Also, I have two shields I am considering using. One is Stormshield, because it seems to be the staple. However, I also have a Spirit Monarch which is particularly tempting to use. Fenris' Wind Druid guide was made in 1.10, so I don't know whether Spirit was overlooked or not because of that.

Thanks in advance.


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Re: Wind Druid skills/shield

I would say go max both. Hurricane first.

I would also say:

List the rest of your gear your planning to use before we can say whats "best" or "not best".


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Re: Wind Druid skills/shield

Is that what you have *planned*, or are you already set up like that? If anything, there was no need to max Oak Sage right away (it should have been maxed last), you should have been working on Hurricane/Cyclone Armor instead. I would max Cyclone Armor first if that's what you have right now, because it gives extra duration to Hurricane, or do an even split between the two.

Stormshield is more PvP geared. Spirit is a winner PvM.


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Re: Wind Druid skills/shield

Yes, that is as stated what I've got right now. I'm level 76, and my gear is:

Mageplate Enigma
Heart of the Oak Flail
Whitsan's Guard (I haven't put in any str, so I don't have enough for a monarch)
Trang Oul's Claws
Death's Guard (I need to be level 80 for Arachnid Mesh)
Sandstorm Treks
Stone of Jordan
Mara's Kaleidoscope

I've put all of my stat points into Vitality, with the exception of 100 into Dex so far. This character is meant for PvP, so I suppose I'll go with Stormshield. Now it's just a matter of finding a -15% req jewel.

Any other advice?