Wind Druid: Order of maxing skills important?


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Wind Druid: Order of maxing skills important?

after reading fenris' guide i was inspired to create a pvp wind druid. This being my last and final character i will probably ever make, i want to to be the best wind druid possible.

my question is does the order of the skill's matter if i want to optimize damage and etc?

currently i am lvl 26 with 15 in cyclone armor, but should i go ahead and start putting points into tornado. or should i wait unti cyclone armor is maxed?



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i have a druid with 23 skillz saved at lvl 23. maxing cane, nado, than armor though im probably wrong. i got 1 in blast, armor and twister. max twister last :thumbsup:
NO Tor NO, bad Tor!

Pump cyclone until 24, it should be nearly maxed until then, after 1 in prereqs you should have enough saved to double on tornado and cyclone for a few levels, pop one in hurricane, cyclone should be done (10 second hurricane REALLY sucks), then finish tornado at 44ish and max hurricane, then twister, then oak.


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Æ’enris said:
Lvl 30 or 31, prereqs for it should be done as soon as you can too.

many thanks, my pvp wind druid should be up by tomorrow night.

ill keep you posted on how he does fenris.