Wind druid mf


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Wind druid mf


I have made a wind druid build based on fenris's guide and was wondering if this build could be used for mf and what gear to use?

Any response is appreciated.



Well, for MF purposes, any gear with the most MF% you can find is best.

A Wind Druid should be fine for MF purposes. In soloing 8 player games I'm rockin' and rollin'.


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Hmm, I seem to have quite a bit of problems with ranged physical attack in the pit when using mf gear.
Any suggestions on how to counter that?

I use:
2 rare mf rings with resistances.
rare + 2 skill, 24 % mf, resistances circlet
whistans guard shield (I have 75% block)
Chance Guards
Rare boots with mf and resistances
Ali Baba Blade / Wizard Spike
Skin of the vipermagi with perfect topaz
Total 263 % mf but poor resistance to Ranged Physical attack.

I have thougt about upgrading my armor but I think it would not do anything significant to Ranged Physical attack resistance.


A few things off the top of my head.

First, get some items that have damage reduction. Probably rings and an amulet with MF and DR would be best, since resistances aren't a factor in ranged physical attacks.

Second, try to find some items that have +XXX Defense vs. Missle. Should help.

What else... maybe an armor with a higher AC, find the highest AC armor you can find that's within your strength limitations, (assuming it has more AC than your Skin of the Vipermagi) preferably with 3 sockets, and throw a few Perfect Topazs in it for a cheap, yet effective alternative. This would probably be your best and easiest route.

A Defiance merc, for the added Defense. More defense = less hits get through to you.

Lastly, and probably most importantly, something you should do no matter what route you take, is to adjust your tactics against ranged attackers. Dodge those arrows, split up the groups into more managable sizes. Get a group to bunch up into a tight packed group, throw 3-4 Tornados into it, and move before they all have a good aim at you. I assume you use Hurricane, so the cold slowing effect will give you additional time to do this.


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merc + grizzly + ravnes + keep oak sage up and you shouldnt have any problem .. when you lvl up and mf some gear you will notice that you no longer need the grizzly and ravens and merc anymore, but a merc is always nice .. i dont use grizzly or ravens anymore unless im lvling.