Wind Druid: merc question and mf possiblity


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Wind Druid: merc question and mf possiblity

hey guys, just thought of an interesting idea and was wondering if it would work...

I just hit act 2 nm with my WD (rebuilding because of some crap stat/skill placement at first) and am now faced with a choice of mercs. I am currently using a defiance merc and thought, at first, to go for holy freeze to make things more slow (stacks with hurricane).

Then an idea hit me.

If and when i get to hell I am planning to use this char as my magic finder (for kicks). I've already got things like skullders, shako, chancies... etc. and plan to outfit him accordingly. One thing i HAVE noticed though (thru norm etc.) is that the chaos sanctuary was actually fun (sans the merc biting it with every IM).

Now, in hell the river of flame and the CS are level 85 areas like the worldstone.... thus they should have good exp and drops. Monsters in these areas do primarily elemental damage (ob knights, balrogs, those wisp things, diablo himself etc.) and so my cyclone armor absorbs a majority of the attacks. The only problem i had was, again, the merc getting IM'd and dying...

So how would this idea strike you: an act 1 fire arrow merc. :)

Now only would this give me a bit of a third element backup for the rest of the game (fire) but since she is ranged I could have my bear tank (level 1 + skills) and absorb damage with my cyclone armor. I should still be able to survive and suddenly hell CS runs become much closer to reality.

so... this look like an idea? Would it be viable if not original?

At least it'll be a change of scenery from baal runs with potentially good results :)

oh, and btw, i'm not rich by any stretch but she wont have absolute Crap stuff..... my price range would be around the lines of duri shell, tal's mask and a goldstrike :)

thx for any input :)


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Hey, I'm glad someone else decided to go with an Act 1 Fire Rogue. I have one on my wind druid and she is awsome. As you said she completed the tri-element attack. I would tell you to pass on the Goldstrike and get her a WitchWild String. The reason she needs to have this bow and as much IAS as you can get her is because of 2% chance to cast Amp Damage. If you get enough IAS on her she will be able to shoot enough arrows that this will cast on a semi-frequent basis. Anytime I get to a group of champions in an 8 person game she manages to get Amp cast on them and then my tornados do the old 1 hit kill. I've used her since my mid 50s and I wouldn't trade her for the world and she takes care of the CI/PI for me. And mf'ing with a wind druid is completely viable and I would recommend using one because you can do physical damage without worrying about Iron Maiden while clearing Chaos...a luxury that you should not over look. The hardest things to kill in River/Chaos are Grotesques because they have high physical resistance and Cold Immune, but other than that it's smooth sailing.


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Duriels shell....kuko....and a howltusk.

Dont laugh...knock back and hit causes monsters to flee...nothing ever gets close to her.

I am curious regarding the kuko on a fire merc though. Is this a wise choice? I am not merc savy.


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sry fenris, didn't mean to miss urs.

I dont duel so anything with "PvP" in the title I generally avoid.

Glad to see that this should work :)

just had one idea with her that i'm wanting to try.... if i equip her with a Kuko and a blackhorn's face will the "slows target by" mod on the face splash with the explosion of the arrows?

Looks like another interesting equipment setup if so :)