Wind Druid in Hell


Wind Druid in Hell

So I''ve got a pure wind druid at level 74, he walked Normal, ran NM and now hes in hell hes getting whipped.
Why? Because of all those dammed physical immunes (esp with cold immune combined!) I come across a bunch of ghosts and have to run around damaging them with hurricane while they beat the snot out of me.
When there are no physical immune monsters he's still walking hell

Now as i see it i have two options with this guy:

1.start putting points into fire spells which due to lack of synergies will really lack kick, but on the other hand will only be used against physical immunes.

2. Do away with my merc (Act 2) and replace him with an Act 3 fire caster

Any reccomendations or alternative options appreciated (other than "thats what you get for having a wind druid")



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I really dont know to much about windys because i am just starting mine but lvl 74 is kinda low to be in hell 79-80 would be better. second is if your in a4-a5 hell that is not good either. Plus whats your gear your using that might help give an idea why you are having problems.


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I think SgtPPS is correct...lvl 74 is a bit lowish, in the later acts in Hell.

1. Bad idea...the fire spells will be very weak without synergies.
2. Bad idea...Act 3 mercenaries do horrible damage.
3. Get an act 2 merc with Reaper's Toll...The Decreipify from Reaper's will break physical immunes so you can destroy them with Tornadoes...will also up your Tornado damage whenever it is cast.

There's a unique called The Gavel Of Pain which has 3 charges of Amplify Damage...keep it on switch to remove physical immunes.

In my experience most physical immunes have very low hit points compared to other monsters which is very good, because Hurrican will be sufficient to take them out. Physical Immune+Cold Immune can be really painful:( so try Reapers or the Gavel..


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Only problem with the Gavel of pain is that even socketed with a hel it requires ~135 strength.
The reapers is a great idea though! :thumbsup:


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not 100% sure, but do think that Amp charges can spawn on Wands... might be worth a shot to try n shop for one.


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They can't. It was actually me that started the rumours that you could get amp charges on wand when I meant to say that you can get lifetap on wands. :lol:


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There are no Amp charges on any wands, but he could buy LowerResist wands to improve his cold damage and break some CIs. Spellsteel has Decrepify charges (and Teleport charges) if he can't get a Reaper'sToll.