Wind Druid help

Syd Barrett

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Wind Druid help

Hi All, Ive never made a wind druid before and Im in need of advice for skill/stat placement.

Im currently lvl 80 and this is my setup:
-max hurricane
-max tornado
-15 in cyclone armor
-1 in oak
-1 in bear
have +6 all skills

Jalals (clean)
shaft (clean)
ss (um)
3element 10fcr ammy
random fcr/str/res rings

My question is should I max block or max vita?
I have about 1100hp without oak and my hurricane does 1300dmg
Should I bother to put more pts in oak or bear? Oak seems to die alot to the point where I dont even use it anymore. I am in a1 hell and have not too many problems with pit runs but I figure I should decide before soloing the rest of hell.Does maxing cyclone armor make that much of a difference? I do have max resists currently.

Thanks in advance for your help all.

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Syd Barrett

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Woot I just realized my last post was my 100th :clap: 101 now =)

"What exactly is a dream; and what exactly is a joke"


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ok right off the bat, im gonna say im lazy and didnt check the bps. i would assume that druid fcr bps are the same as necs (necs and sorks are the only ones i recognize) so 75 and 125 are the relevant bps. in that case, you are just under the 125 bp (wiz+mage+fcr rings+arach+ammy=12). i personally dont feel the need to get 125 fcr (well, at least not for my nec); 75 seems fast enough. in that case you can switch the rings for better modded ones: i really really like mana rings if you dont have an insight merk.

second, the max %pdr in 110 in 50%, so ss+shaft is a bit overkill. i recommend switching the shaft. viper is a good choice. from experience any char that uses ss has less than ideal res, so the little res on viper helps. more importantly though, if you do make this switch, you can get the 125 fcr bp without rings (wizzy+arach+ammy+viper+mage=130). this leaves you a lot of versatility. maybe get some other mods on your rings? ravenfrost comes into mind (i hate slow running druids, or any other class for that matter).


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Oak will still die a lot even when maxed; it's not a very durable minion in Hell.

Seems kind of redundant to wear Shaft on a caster when you are already getting 35%DR from Storm. Switch the Shaft for a Vipermagi or Que-Hegan's or something... maybe even a +2 Valor. +skills and FCR are more important.

The first thing you should do, if you haven't already, is get a NM Act2 Merc. If you throw a Reaper's on him the Decrep will actually help you do more damage. The Holy Freeze will help keep your Oak and other minions alive longer, making them more effective.

You only quoted your Hurricane damage, giving me the impression that you use that as your main killing skill. Tornado should be your primary skill, and after getting your Oak to a comfortable level you should be pumping damage synergies for Tornado.

I made an untwinked Windy on single player and at lvl 83 he had 20 Tornado, 20 Hurricane, 20 Cyclone Armor, 15 Oak Sage, 1 Bear, 1 Carrion Vine, and the rest were going into Twister (11 at the time, I think). Being untwinked, I had resists problems, so I maxed Cyclone Armor right after maxing Tornado. You have max resists so you may not want to go the same route. Tornado dmg >> Hurricane dmg, so I'd recommend finishing off CA before bothering with Twister. Regardless, you'll probably want to throw some more points into Oak first.

I don't think there's any question that you should max block here. It'd be a waste of a Stormshield not to.


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Since you use a SS, you have put a lot is str I guess. So you have placed about 50 points in str that my Druid (Skulders and RHYME) could put into dex and life.
Since those points are spend, no need to discuss what could have been different, but I'd also say block over vita.

This is how I spend my points (lv 91)

Max CA
Max Tornado
Max Hurricane
Max Oak
maxing Twister last
1 point in Grizz in all pre-req talents.
(cast Minions with pre-buff gear on switch that gives an additional +3 skills to the +I already have on Shako, Skulders and ammy, I think my Grizz was at lv 12 when cast, my Oak at 30 and Elemental spells at 31 or so with 3 skillers)

And I second PhatTrumpet on the merc. Plus: He should wear the Shaft that you wear ;)

With my Rhyme, Skulders, Shako, Wiz, Tals belt, Wartravs, rare ammy, rings, Chancies I got a nice mix of killing power and MF. The only area that I did not play in without a party was WSK...

He started as untwinked KTA character and since he was the first I created in this season, he also got all the gear and riches I ever found. Was most fun to play as well...


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Max Cyclone Armour.


NO discussion.

1) It's a life saver
2) It increases the duration on your Hurricane to a -usable- something.

Syd Barrett

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Thanks for all the replies folks...first rate as usual :thumbsup: .I thought max dr was 75%...Im such a noob. I do have another question, how much dex is required to get max block (i have about 3kdef)


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That will depend on your shield of course.

With my Rhyme IIRC I need 230-ish at lv 91...less with a SS, even less with a Wistans.