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will this pure charger gear work?

Discussion in 'PvP' started by Gimmershred, Sep 5, 2006.

  1. Gimmershred

    Gimmershred IncGamers Member

    Feb 16, 2005
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    will this pure charger gear work?

    It might be a bit of a lame char but on paper it doesn't look so bad for general pubs.

    Skills: 20 charge, 20vigor, 20 fana, 20 holy shield, rest in might. 1 salvation etc.

    Weapon: Eth rune master zod/Lo/Lo/Lo/Ohm
    Armor: Guardian Angel
    Shield: Stormshield
    Helm: Kira's Guardian Berred
    Belt: Tgods
    Gloves: Draculs
    Boots: Gore rider's or Hotspurs
    Rings+Amu: Angelics or highlords dual ravens

    Then this char will end up with:
    1)Good charge damage with 60-100% deadly strike.
    2) 90% all res, with a decent stack. some absorb for all elements.
    3) 43%dr, 50% dr with dungo's in stash
  2. XXVII

    XXVII IncGamers Member

    Jul 20, 2005
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    I BvC would own that EZ!!!

    Just felt like saying that because of the hot topic about the BvC's, lol.

    Its a nice build to be honest but it might get annoying when you dont hit or get blocked :undecided:
  3. SirBeetle

    SirBeetle IncGamers Member

    May 2, 2006
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    I think a build like this would work a lil bit better. Your skills should be fine though (p.s. smite is also great to invest skill points into incase your charge doesn't knock your opponent back, 1 or 2 smite hits could finish the job)

    w/e. equip:
    Grief Zerker or Pb (or high dmg 1 handed weapon ie. botd w/e, still don't know if +%ed works w/ griefs or not)
    Pheonix elite good smite/block pally shield w/ extra ed or resists -or- a ar/ed vortex eth exile if you can afford.
    G-Angel, Coh, Fort, Enigma
    Guillaumes, coa (80/30)
    rends (more dmg = ohko w/charge...and dracs suck for charging)
    2x Bk or Ravenfrost
    Gores or Eth Treks

    ar/life/dmg sc's and res sc's.

    more dmg just goes a long way to killing faster with charge. I have one myself, it's soo fun trying to kill an entire game in pubs in less than a minute.

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