Will this build do well in PVM?


Will this build do well in PVM?

I am getting ready to make a poison nova mancer. I'm gonna max nova and all synergies. gonna put a few points into amp/ce as well as LR........

My stat points are gonna be enough to equip my gear, and the rest in vitality.

I already have my gear for this char. It is as follows:

43/18 Bramble Dusk Shroud

Near perfect Deaths web/poison faceted

godly rare necro ammy with +2 pnb and 10%fcr, life and res

2 x sojs

trang gloves

trang belt

trang wing with poison facet

homunculus with poison facet

eth treks and a pair of marrows

blackbogs with poison facet to add to synergies

9 x pnb skillers

19/19 necro torch

and decent anni

*How will this char fare in mainly chaos runs and multi player games*

Any advice on skills or other gear to maximize this char build? thanks in advance guys!!!


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Sounds like a good build to me--just hope you got a lot patience because poison takes time, though 2 secs for nova isn't bad.

One thing to think about is a golem of some kind. If you max all three poison skills and get a curse decent, it only takes say 70 points. What are you going to do with the rest? I would advice a golem of some kind, either clay or iron. That way, the enemies have a target to go after while you run around and poison everyone. Go one point in golem, the rest in mastery.

Otherwise, have fun--my poisoner runs through just fine, and i don't even have the rock-awesome gear you have.


I'm gonna go for the clay golem simply because of its ungodly life it gets from points added. The only thing good on the iron golem is the thorns aura. With the bramble armor on, i wont need it. I want the higher life from the clay golem for a tanker. and maybe 10-15 skeles or mages


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blackbogs with poison facet to add to synergies

+skill from items does not help with the synergy , only hard points ya put in em.

Beside you won't need any more weapon then the d-web.