Will 51%ed make a large difference?


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Will 51%ed make a large difference?

I can trade for a 27//15 and 24//15 for my ik maul. Will they make any sort of difference? (that justifies the cost)


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If you socket them into your wepon they will make a big differance. The 51ed will affect your wepon damage which gets multiplied by your overall ed for your damage out put.


100 base dam wepon
600 total ed (skills and equip)

that would be 700 dam out put

now 100 base dam wep with a 51% inc would be

151 dam base wepon
600 total ed
that would be 1057


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Well, it won't make as big a difference with IK maul that DHR displayed... But with an Elite Maul with limited Ed% (IK maul has only 200%), another 51% will make a large difference.

If you have the resources, do it. It'll be worth it, imo. (For a WW barb, of course)

Any other barb, straight ed% will get the job done.

Some people say IK maul isn't rare enough to justify Ed/Ias... but the use of jewels/runes is about efficiency, not rarity.