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Wiki Watch #49: Don’t Miss a Thing!

Discussion in 'Diablo 3 General Discussion' started by elly, Apr 13, 2016.

  1. elly

    elly Guest


    I have desperately tried to make this wiki watch into one of those little handy updates I have done in the past couple of weeks (like the Witch Doctor Voodoo skills etc).

    In the end, there’s just too much content added to the Diablo 3 wiki to do that, so I have instead grouped the updates under a few headlines, and you can browse through them at your leisure, depending on if you want to read about monsters, NPCs, quests or anything else.

    A lot more is coming to the wiki from our massive collection of notes, and also the map I have been working on, so keep checking that little wiki box at the top of the main page. This doesn’t even include the Wizard skills that will be done soon!

    First is a list of the more prominent updates we have had, and after the break is a list of both big and small updates you will find very interesting. For your convenience, the more interesting ones are bolded. ^^


    More updates...

    General Updates

    Areas & Levels

    Lore Updates

    • [​IMG]
    • Lut Bahadur - Former military outpost.
    • Dahlgur - Oasis in the nearby desert.
    • Khanduras - Country in the west of Sanctuary.
    • Kehjistan - The country which Act II takes place in.
    • Ivgorod - Home of the monks.
    • Hakan II - Emperor of Kehjistan.
    • Dune Guard - The Caldeum militia of the desert.
    • Mage clan - Home of the famous/notorious Vizjerei.
    • Horadrim - The legendary brootherhood.
    • Lazarus - Now deceased corrupted Arch Bishop of the Zakarum.


    Non-Player Characters


    Blizzard People

    Besides myself and some updates by Flux, a huge round of applause is needed for DxAxxxTyriel’s massive work on the Barbarian and Witch Doctor skills, and big ol’ THANK YOU to Eoweniel, TheWanderer, Vipermagi, Agito, Quis Ut Deus, Holyknight3000, Lanthanide, Darfus, Melianor, Defx, RedDog22, Cichygd, Bran Maniac, Telzen, OmniSliver, Freeze, Sjassy, Asteria, Loopin, Marison, MysticDragon, LordOfStrategy, Kire, BigKevSexyMan and Jam9k!
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