Wierd "ban"-issue, any help - ty


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Wierd "ban"-issue, any help - ty

Hi there

Was hoping that someone could help me clear this problem:

I was IP-banned even before I have even entered Battlenet EU -> First time I logon to Battlenet EU I get the "Unable to connect... " but I can easilly join the others. I am the ONLY one using this IP for D2.

Update: Changed my "external" IP and still have the issue.

Summary (optional reading):
I decided to start playing D2exp again and found my old CD-keys, installed the game, and I was sad to discover that I was able to join all battelenet realms except for Europe where my friends are playing.
It was 5 years since I played and I recall using maphack back then so I thought to myself that I probably got banned or something back then. I went to the blizzstore and bought 2 new copies (norm + exp) and the same problem occurs.

#1: Cannot connect to Battlenet EU when connected like: Modem -> Router -> Computer (It acts like an IP-ban (unable to connect... etc).
#2: I can connect everytime when I'm connected like: Modem -> Computer
#3: I have configured my router to open the ports needed according to www.portforward.com

So sad that I cant play since I cant be connected to the modem 99% of the time.
Just wasted 30€. Well, the money doesn't matter, ust want to play this epic game.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!



P.S.: Some people might have read this already. I got banned from forums for using an offensive name. Sorry about that. :cry:


Re: Wierd "ban"-issue, any help - ty

sounds like a firewall is blocking you from ure router, it doesnt matter if u forward ports if the firewall is blocking connection, i have no fix tho, Gl.


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Re: Wierd "ban"-issue, any help - ty

If it works without a router, but not with it, it must be the router.

You don't have to do any port forwarding on your router, that's only needed if others should be able to connect to your computer (e.g. if you are hosting TCP/IP games).

Check if your router blocks outgoing traffic via port 6112 or 4000 or does any strange things with these ports. If yes, deactivate or delete the settings in question. You don't have to set up anything. IIRC there are a few routers with predefined "Starcraft" settings. Remove them as well if they exist.