wich one is the best to use Eagle or upgrade goldstrike ?


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They are both very nice bows for a strafer. Note that the Eagle gets a level dependent bonus to damage and AR while the Goldstrike does not. So your characters level is important and the level you are aiming to build up to.

Also Goldstrike gets quite a wide range of variable mods. These are %ED 200 - 250 , Bonus AR 100% - 150%, and %ED to Demons and Undead both 100% - 200%. So the difference between a near perfect Goldstrike and a poor one is huge, so you need to give the statistics of the one you're considering.


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I prefer the upgraded GS every time. For some reasons I never got the hang of an Eaglehorn


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the % dmg to demons/ undead is a very useful mod and should not be discounted. on the other hand, ebow is considered 1 bow below wf and is indeed comparable. stats play a huge role i have to agree...