Why would anyone still want occy?


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BTW......i personally like Wizzy/Whitstans with a switch but I ned to get off my but and get a better switch shiedl!


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Jedi said:
well if i compare the mods

eldritch has +3 like occu

eld has 10% more fc which lets you decide for different gear which u would have sacrificed for more fc instead.

all resi:
an advantage of occu but with eld and mroe fc u can carry gear that makes up the missing all resi again.

50%mf vs up to 20% damage:
i dont think it makes a difference. it was always speed over mf% for mf chars. u kill fewer monsters with orb but with 50% mf and the otehr way around for eldritch.

then it still comes back to teleport charge when struck....maybe its a personal decision but i would like to control the situation instead an orb that forces me to be carefull and to teleport out of a dangerous monsterpacks in case. and the high change that the teleport is casted is another disadvantage in my book.

occy is also level 41 while the eld orb is 70something.

the teleporting has never hurt me or put me in danger. i also don't walk in fire so that doesn't really apply to me as a problem either. i've gone through durance with it (usually use wiz however for the faster cast rate and perfect resists) and never been teleporting, even if i had been i probably wouldn't of noticed since when i'm looking for 3 i don't stop teleporting.

personally i think its just a super orb, has everything i would need + level 41 (i think thats it) is very appealing, since i get that in normal.


Any of my good sorc's can use a Occulus without risk.

I teleport into boss pack while teleporting to a specific area.

I don't care if occulus teleports me into the pack.

They can usually tank a few hits and they have high defense.

I find occulus more attractive because of all the good mods.

To each his own.


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Well if you step out of WS2 and see a huge pack of gloams or vipers, the 25% will become 100% - piercing lightening / bone spear will hit you multiple times for sure.

But I understand that, as we all do in HC. The risk taking is part of the fun :smile:


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rpgforumsnet said:
Well if you step out of WS2 and see a huge pack of gloams or vipers, the 25% will become 100% - piercing lightening / bone spear will hit you multiple times for sure.

But I understand that, as we all do in HC. The risk taking is part of the fun :smile:
I maintain that the funnest part of HC is the actual moment of death.


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Absolutely agree with that! Funnest part is the death scene.

I make it a habit to self-PK chars I started and didn't finish, because just deleting them isn't any fun!

Oh, by the way, Spectral Shard before you can use Wizzy/Deaths Fathom is a good choice over Occy too.


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If you think it's a huge problem that the teleport is triggered from standing in Fire (not fire attacks from monsters, mind you) then you should probably just not stand in it?

I neglected defense on my pure fire sorc. As always, though, I've maintained max block, and I'm fine using occy. I've been doing mainly mephruns lately and I tank meph (my merc won't survive if I don't) and the teleport doesn't really trigger THAT often.

Max block and/or good defense is the key since it's mainly the physical damage that triggers it. And I may be going out on a limb here, but if some elemental attacks trigger the teleport, isn't it just because they contain some physical damage? Like meph's cold ball for instance....which is blockable.


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Spero said:
Many sorc builds shouldn't really get hit that often.
I'd like to contribute to the party instead of letting other people do all the work.

Which means being on the front line sometimes instead of dodging all piercing attacks.

And have you not heard multiple times of the complaint "my godly sorc just died with shako/skullder/occy/mosers :("

To each his own? I suppose. To me dying is not the most fun part of Diablo.

Lol "pinball."


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I personally dont play sorcs too much, usually just one mfer, a blizzard sorc right now. For boss runners, i think wizardspike, maybe echudas is better, hands down, because they are VERY helpful in getting to the boss, be it andy, baal, mephisto, you name it. The +mana/ mana regen is more useful than is seems, it will keep you teleing as long as you need to to hit the boss lair, and the FCR is great in not only getting there faster, but not getting hit as often my monsters.

As for other sorc builds, the more ranged ones, orb, fireball etc, Occy seems better to me, the idea of the build is not to get hit, so dont base a major equipment choice based on the few times you DO get hit, its like blocking, you can say, well, this sorc could get hit, better get max blocking! In some cases its great, for other builds, its just not needed, the tele on occy can be deadly on a build who tanks, though not a big problem to one who avoids getting hit in the first place.

I agree that it is a matter of prefrence, one is not BETTER than another, but you cant make a broad, general statement of one being better than another, it depends on your build, there are bonuses and downsides to it, you just need to factor in how much these will effect your playing, and decide from there, without a specific build type, you just cant make a general statement.

just my $.02...



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Occy's Random Tele?

In all these (perpetual) discussions about Occulus, one thing is constantly overlooked.

For Occulus to teleport you, you must be taking damage. Really.

People always overlook this and think about where you could be teleported TO, but never remember that sometimes its not where you go thats important, its where you come from.

If I am taking damage, I typically don't want to stay there. If the Occulus teleports me away this is GOOD.

I wont be taking damage from the monsters I was.

The alternative to this is, really, bad. I'll stay where I was taking damage.

Now, me, I'm happy to take a teleport away from a KNOWN damage source to a POTENTIAL damage source.

An Occulus teleport is not dependant on faster cast rate to get the spell off before you get hit again. Its not dependant on you being quick to select teleport. Its not dependant on having mana in your globe. Its not dependant on *anything*.

If you are taking damage (therefore, getting hurt, possibly risking death) your reaction is to GET AWAY FROM that source. Occulus does this FOR YOU. No mana cost. No delays.

If you don't get hit, you don't get teleported.

Now as for Occulus landing you in more trouble, this is true, it MAY drop you into somewhere worse.

Note the word in the above sentence is "MAY".

The only CERTAINTY is that the Occulus's random teleport will take you AWAY from a place where you are getting hit.

I wield the Occulus with most of my sorcs because it HAS teleport. The other skills are a bit of a bonus.

My two cents worth..




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Occy isn't that bad. The thing is, it's not all that great, either. Everything that you'd want it to do, something else does better.

There ARE situations where it's absolutely terrible (never take it to cows, for instance). In areas where you're actually fighting things that are only dangerous in packs and not holding down teleport, getting hit by some random thing and flying into a pack is quite risky (you have to realize what happened, switch to teleport, and click somewhere on the screen that isn't coated in polearms, all while mashing rejuves). I'd never use it to teleport to Baal, Meph, Andy, whoever, either. One crappy tag could throw off my teleporting pattern and cause me to click a black wall while surrounded by Cursed, Fanatic Ogres.

The teleporting activation makes it a poor choice for questing, where you want to try to move carefully and an uncalculated jump to lightspeed could send you hurtling into the shadow of a supernova... or a cursed, fanatic guy.

I would even forego the 50 MF and pick Eldrich Orb for the extra safety. The 10 FCR also lets me dump some ring for a Nagel or for a Resist all ring/amulet/wherever else my FCR is coming from. Eldrich is better for fighting hordes of guys (as in everyday questing).

One other thing that Sorces like to do is Teleport around. The Oculus only has 30 FCR. Wizzy far outclasses it. And Wizzy adds mana. And Wizzy adds tons of resists for an even greater chance to survive. Yes, those resists DO allow you to back Whitstans Guard instead of Mosers or something for extra block and ability to survive a Cursed, Fanatic pack (I'm obsessed with these guys... they're the new MSLE). Wizzy is better for teleporting.

Oh, now onto the proverbial last hit on Meph (or Andy or whoever). The fabled and coveted slot of most mf goes to Gull! Unless you're the richest **** in the world and have Ists lying around (why would you bother MFing if you did?), or you're above level 85 or so and have some pretty decent mf jewels, Gull is better than Ali. But guess what? Both are better than Oculus (unless you're the poorest **** and DON'T have jewels AND you're below level 50).

If you're not rich enough to have gear for different situations (other than like Whitstans and Mosers trading off), Oculus is a good pick. If you are, there are some better alternatives.