Why would a MF sorc wear Enigma??


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Why would a MF sorc wear Enigma??

I was just excited because I made my Superior Archon Enigma .... until I looked at the ramifications of actually wearing it on my MF sorc.

Right now she has on PTopaz Tal armor, Tal ammy, Tal Belt. By putting on Enigma not only does her armor MF go from 112 to 90 but she loses the 65 MF bonus by wearing 3 tal items. Even if you then swap the belt and ammy you are still getting killed on MF. Sure Enigma has +2 skills but so did the Tal ammy I just had to take off. Am I missing something??

Tal belt 15 vs Gold wrap 30
Tal Ammy 65 vs ammy 35
Tal armor 112 vs Enigma 90

Other items I am wearing Ptopaz shako, dual ist alt baba, Chance guards, 2xnagel, war travs, shield is Whitstan's guard with pdiamon, I need the blocking and resists to actually live LOL. I really don't see anything else I can swap around to make Enigma worth wearing over Tal gear while maximizing MF.

Any suggestions from the stat crew?


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imo your mf sorc should never wear enigma. If you already have tal armor and more mf with it and more resists you shouldnt even have to think about using enigma. Enigma is better for hammerdin mfers. On a sorc it still has some nice mods, but imo again it would be a waste.


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To what I see... the real use of the Enigma armor is the Teleport skill... All others are just gravy (if it's other things you are looking for, e.g. skills, MF, run/walk, max life, dam Reduce... there are much better items out there for you)


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I used an enigma armor on my mf sorc for some time, so she would have enough str for 4x Ist monarch. U can swap tals belt for goldwrap and tals ammy for mara's. U loose 65+15+22=102, but u get back 40+75 (if u were using rhyme before) =115 so u gain in mf, but u would probably loose some resists....

Just figure out for yourself if 13 mf is worth losing resists....

I switched it back after a while....



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1. You don't need to invest 2 points into teleport/telekinesis
2. +2 skills, resists, dr, defense, magic find, wtf?!
3. It's easier to get then a normal mf armor because of stupid dupers


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yeah sorc do not really need enigma. i dont know about you guys, but when i mf with sorc i use telekinesis to open chest, get potions and hit monsters back so merc can kill the 1s i cant with out take as much dmg.

make a hammerdin to use it, thay make for an awsome mf character now. hammerdins can mf anywhere with ease

just my 2 cents