Why tease what will come in v2.2 after months?


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I don't post often, but had the urge today because I can only conclude that Diablo 3 is currently on the back burner at Blizzard. They surely have redistributed quite a bit of the team to help out teams for other games - I can't otherwise explain why they are doing things like they do them now.

After a few recent interviews, "play your way" streams and that last one - the "make a legendary" one, I can't but notice that the devs speak very much like one person is in charge of doing the whole balancing for one class / item set / skill. It takes absolutely too long for them to churn out such a small amount of content like a pair of new leg. gems and tweaks to existing items and item sets.

How on Earth is it possible to have a new set done to the point it is playable and with all its art in place (I'm talking about the new DH multishot, WIZ slow time and BARB whirlwind/rend sets) and not be at the stage of balancing it via, say, the current PTR?!

And now, on top of all that, they say that the the 2.1.2 patch (as meager content-wise as it is) won't be rolled out to live for more then a month from now, although in the PTR notes, they've said that it will be "a short PTR". WTF?!

I don't know, it just seems to me that what they are churning out content-wise is very, very little and that they are very, very slow at that. And they tease people of what will come "in the future". Seriously, at this pace they are going, when will patch 2.2 be rolled out? By June 2015? It's OK to tease a new expansion a year before it will be released, but to tease a few items that are almost dome is just redic and rubbing salt in the wound.

And now that I've ranted-out my rant and am feeling a bit better now, I'll be going to bed.

What do you guys think? Too little too late or just right as far as content/feature releases goes?


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Yeah, I think a lot of people are having similar feelings/coming to the same conclusions. Clearly nobody but Blizz knows what's going on behind the scenes, but what we can almost be sure of is that they have absolutely minimal staff dedicated to patching the current D3, since there's no way it can take this long to do so little. I'm guessing most of the staff is, as you say, on the other Blizz projects, and/or split amongst the Console version of D3, and/or working on the D3 expansion. Whatever the answer is, it's still pretty annoying because the game as it stands needs a lot of 'fixing'.

I was really, really hoping that patch 2.2 would hit with Season 2, but at this rate it seems very unlikely, and that patch 2.2 will most likely only be ready in time for Season 3... I hope I'm wrong on that though.


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It seems pretty much so. Things are going really slowly right now....
This game is beyond broken, and Blizz hasn´t showed any bright ideas, instead they keep nerfing and nerfing. This only shows their incompetence/inexperience.
Trying to fix sets that already have been in place for many months is IMO the wrong way to do it.
Marauder too powerful, boring playstyle? well is 9 month old more or less..this is only showing bad design, bad testing.
DH is able to place 5 sentries or more how do we fix it? well ...we give them charges! Oh! raekeor is broken how do we fix it..well we give them charges! or we give them cooldowns! WTH!!
Trying to fix things that ain´t broken is just bad design.

Counduit pylon is OP! well..instead of remove them we nerf it to the ground until is not more fun...meh...
they just needed to make GRG immune to conduit and keep the fun for the rest of the mobs...

Reakor no playing fair in multiplayer? what multiplayer? The only way you can play multiplayer is with friends, otherwise if you join a public game, people are going to play THEIR way, killing the RG without waiting for you, closing after that, and so on. anyways..public games are almost dead...

So what happened then?
They just had the worst foundation possible, so is impossible to build on it, everything they add take ages.
The layers of RNG are absurd (P600 here and I`m still to find a krider), itemization is dismal, replayability doesn´t exist and i can go on and on..but is pointless....

Oh ! but wait ! "using a skill system will frustrate players because once you take the wrong decisions your PJ is ruined TM" more or less what they told...well you kow?..you just could respec for free ...like in the para system youknow Blizz? ( facepalm)
So everyone using the same skills, and runes , and pasives, and sets...awesome!
but wait there´s more! """every single leg has it´s own id, we can´t process that much data so you won´t have more space...TM"" we don´t have the AH anymore, everything is BOA, we can´t trade, way has every item still a unique ID ( facepalm2 )

This team is beyond incompetence.

they better start working in D4 and hire some proper people to do it...

/rant end
I got OT sorry..


I think a lot of the complaints come from Bliz never making real clear that D3 isn't an MMORPG and that players can not expect new free content on a regular basis. We're not paying $15 a month for the game, so it's not realistic to expect new content to roll out WoW-style.

D3v was different, since it had huge problems upon release, and required emergency patching all through 2012 to fix and improve. This gave players the impression that content would be added in patches all the time. That patch pace slowed down in 2013, but we got the announcement of RoS in August 2013, which diverted attention to looking forward, plus the AH shutdown and the huge "D3 version 2" itemization revamp was long term under development and went live shortly before RoS in early 2014. Then RoS hit in March, and we got some patches after that.

Since then, for the last 6 months or so, we've been where the devs wanted D3 to be all along. A mostly balanced and stable game, but one that doesn't get content added in patches, except now and then a few new legendary items and balance tweaks in patches. There's still a large team working on D3, but they're toiling on the next expansion, which hasn't been announced yet, so players don't have any diversion to look foward to.

The problem, for those who perceive one, is the expectation that new free content will be added forever. Which, to be fair, the devs kind of created themselves by all their patches in 2012 and 2013. The game's not an MMO, we're not paying monthly fees, and they don't release new content microtransactions/DLC style

Fans can question or hate the old-school business model, but it is what it is, for now and the foreseeable future.


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I'll side with Flux here. I don't think I've played any other game that provided free content the way D3 does. I can't remember how they rolled out new stuff in D2X, but I seem to recall yearly or so patches with slight tweaks to skill damage or synergy with the occasional batch of new runes/words every other patch.

Even the most popular of games (FPS) usually use patches to tweak/balance, and full blown paid DLCs for new content.

These are all completely different games though.. but I'm content with the $60 I've spent (rmah paid for RoS) thus far. The game has no innate longevity, which is where I think everyone comes in expecting new content. You expect to get years out of a Diablo title, but that's just not the case with D3 unless they keep throwing freebies our way. I think they see that too. Instead of (kind of) just fixing the game and rebuilding it to make everyone happy, they spend as little resource as possible to give us little treats and keep us complacent every now and then.


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Well the total lack of anything but mindless Rifts , Grifts, and Bounties with ZERO chances of getting any upgrades, finding anything new, or even popping a goblin realm (which I still haven't done) has all but driven me away from the game in its current state. I finally realized after using all my gold up that I was no longer having fun so I went to another game for the time being. I thought Id get more game life outta the expansion but Im guessing its finally ran its course for me so Im waiting on the next patch before I give it another go. Maybe....