Why so Necro Mercs Use Pride?


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O.k so as the questions says,why do "Fishymancers" use an A2 Merc with the Pride Runeword? it's to my understanding that,the ONLY thing the Concentration Aura does is boost Blessed Hammers on Paladins,so why do people insist that it does something for Skelly Mages?


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I roll with Insight always. A2 (NM) Might merc: one dead enemy (amp) and CE. Your skellies rarely kill, so merc + Gumby + you cursing like a sailor make it happen. I suggest eCV (hits hardest) or eCA. Don't burn runes. Make Insight asap. Aura doesn't matter: free mana ftw.


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The concentration aura boosts all melee damage, not just BH damage. A paladin doesn't need it, except for BH, as fanaticism is better, but act 2 mercs have no way to have a fanaticism aura. BTW, concentration adds only half its bonus to BH.

Anyway, the problem with the Pride runeword is that it doesn't offer on-weapon %ed (which is a separate multiplier in the damage calculation), a significant drawback regarding total damage.


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It's been said many times in other threads, but Breath of the Dying is kinda the ultimate weapon for a necro to use with an Act 2 Might merc. The damage that the merc himself dishes out far surpasses the damage of Concentration-boosted skeletons.

While my necromancers haven't tended toward the "Fishymancer" concept for a long time, I'd say that for general use, Pride is actually not very close to being the best weapon to give a merc, or even the best runeword for the job. I'd rate BotD first and Obedience second. Insight has been mentioned and isn't half-bad: you can really lean on that Meditation aura.

If I wanted my merc to hold a stick with an aura that helped my skeletons, I'd pick Infinity. The merc himself does better with Infinity than with Pride. The Conviction aura shreds enemy defense, so your skeletons land lots of hits against tough monsters. And presumably the Conviction aura is also rather nice for the fire damage of Corpse Explosion, although I didn't really play around with it for long enough to form a strong impression in that regard.


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Infinity is the best weapon for a Summoning Necro. CB and damage for the merc, lower enemy defense helps him and the skeletons, lower enemy resists help the mages and CE, and let you kill tough PIs more easily. When you cast LR as well, you can get -150% to enemy resists in total.

If you need mana, make an Iron Golem from an Insight.

Pride is junk. Its biggest flaw is not the lack of ED but the freezing of monsters that results in many shattered corpses.