Why should anyone keep playing LOD?


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Why should anyone keep playing LOD?

This is a rant thread, a serious one, at least for me I am so desperate. :rant:

I played USE L SC for 4 years, until the moment every baaling game is run by a hammerdin, or may be 2, who are of course bots. I hate the bots. It makes no sense to keep on playing.

So I switch to HC. Start with normal, quite a few games at a time, said in afternoon USE (actually I'm from Asia). In the night may be 6 or 7 games open at a time.

I thought, well, people are not here, they are in the NM or Hell. I tried very hard to play untwinked, sharpen my skill and after a few death and rebuilding, made it to the NM.

S.O.B., no one is playing, sometimes just 2-3 games open at a time. I thought, well, people just rush through NM and mfing in Hell, that's where I can find the room full, just like the old days.

After a few more death and some more experiment, I managed to get my classic fanatic zealot, use only Lore helm, Mahim-Oak ammy, Aldur weapon and boot, Sigon glove and armor, String of ears, Cathans' ring and a Raven Frost, to get to Hell Act 1. :clap:

Guess what? still no one is playing, just 4-5 games open at a time.

I cannot held to make a conclusion that the downward sparow(wrong spelling I know) has cross the threshold, the game is dying quickly. :mad:

I can't imagine there are only some 10 player in a realm in open bnet. It's just like I wake up after sleeping for 10 years and find the earth empty. Where are the people? Underground? Whats the point of living on this planet? :confused:

I know it's just a game, but for god's sake, 4 years...and a tragic end.


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If your doing classical do go op ehcc and it is full of all the high lvl hardcore chars who play every day... (US-EAST only though...)


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I'm playing Europe SCL, and even though there are bots, most public baal runs I join are made by actual people and not bots. And even while there are some dupers, the amount of dupes is much, much smaller then in USE/W (compare prices: A normal price for a HR is 6 Ist in Europe compared to 2 Ist on USE/W). And there are plenty games if you want some questing.

Of course there are scammers, maphackers and other idiots/kiddies in Europe, and I have to admit that things aren't actually getting better, but I think the game is still playable/-worthy here.



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Cheaters ruin every online game unless there are draconian levels of surveillance. It was inevitable for diablo2 as it was diablo1.