Why me?


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Why me?

As you can see I am new to this forum. But I have been playing for a while now. Although, I havent got really strong chars, simply because I havent got good items.

I have one lvl 80 amazon with about 350 mf and I am currently doing a lot of pitruns, mausoleumruns, etc. But I dont get any good items. Doesnt matter how often I try. Only yellow items which suck or a set item (mostly low lvl). Why dont i get any good stuff? please help me, am I doing something wrong?

My second question concers my gear. Currently I am packing a griswold armor with 3 elemental resist runes, buriza, kuku shakaru, Tal Rasha's helm, string of ears, natalya's boots and some resist rings and ammy. I dont know what gloves I wear. you will all agree I need better stuff (except for buriza). Main weapon is guided and multi. What items should I try to get and where is the highest chance the drop?

Thanks in advance.



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Firstly - Always id rare gloves - pretty good chance that they could be +zon skills - ideally, you will find +2 bow skills with LL, resists and 20% ias.

Regarding your mf - you have enough of it to find items. Its just luck. Keep at it and you will find.


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Your gear seems quite decent... Tal's helm, String and Nats boots are all solid.

Honestly... it almost always comes back to the luck.

I've played the game for 3-4 years... and my best finds include 1 Shako, 1 Shaftstop and after that, my best find would probably be something like that string you mentioned.

If you want better quality items, you'd be better off doing Boss runs. Meph, Baal, D and the Council in Hell all have more chances of dropping better items. It's usually just harder to get the Extra Rare items...

Seems you have good resists, and other than just keeping your Resists and life high along with raising your MF, you don't need much more.

War Travs, StealSkull are 2 good items with decent Mf.


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yea you have plenty of mf but one thing i would recommend is doing meph runs. the main people do pit runs is to find the very elite rare gear like IK armours, GF's, high runes, whatever. The thing about the pit is that it has the possibility to drop these items but its just very rare. Ive pit runned for ages now and the best i found has been trang helm last night, and nothing else worth mentioning.

however i have found many good uniques from meph (simply because he has a high possibility to drop unique items) including shaftstop, gaze, titans, 2x arachnid mesh spiderweb sash's etc etc.

id also pindle as well because he is very easy to get to and can drop some nice items too. I found my IK armour and war travs there.

Id include meph and pindle in your mfing games (in my games i do meph, pindle AND pit) not only does this increase your chance of finding items but it also stops you from getting bored becasue your doing different things.

Try this and with the amount of MF you have you should find some decent stuff.

By the way you do have good items, they just arnt the VERY best in the game.


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You have really good gear for a level 80 character. I think you have to concentrate on leveling up to get the best stuff in the game. As you get to higher levels, the really good gear will show up. If you don't have the patience for waiting, you can always do trades or buy on eBay.


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Oke, thanks for the help. I thought that mephs drop had changed in 1.10. Because I didnt get any good stuff anymore. But in the future I will include meph and pindle.

The only problem is that my mfgear is wealth armor, stealskull, some sucky rare boots, chance gloves and goldwrap. This means very low resist and def. Meph and the council are a nasty lot for me at this moment. has anyone got some advice for me, especially the immune to physical damage is impossible for me to kill. Please give me some more advice.