Why is valkyrie AI so stupid?


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What's with the leashing and slow movement speed/odd pathing?

Its not even half of the screen and the valk already runs back. And then merc dies. Or any other summon(because their leashes are like 1-2 screens). Was it always this way? I launched 1.00 but it seemed the same to me.


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This is a global forum, with members from all ranges of backgrounds and ages, and some terms can cause more hurt than others for some.

That said, the AI for the Valk has never been amazing to today's standard. All mercs/summonables have a certain range before they leash, and return to you. None of them would wander two full screens away. The leash is slightly longer when attacking, but if you retreat, you often call them to return towards you, even when they are already engaged.

Generally, if you know an area has dangerous mobs, cast Valk again before your merc gets to them. That is unless it happens to have spawned with good equipment (Amplify Damage being a primary example.) The reason for the merc dying could be for many reasons, but get some Life Leach on him, and he'll stand his ground more.


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1.10 Patch Notes:
- Increased the leash range of hirelings.
They tend to wander off a bit more, IMO the AI was probably changed as well. They seem to be a bit smarter in 1.09, and stay closer.


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This weird Valkyrie behaviour is particularly obvious when Baal running and waiting for each wave to spawn. I agree, it is rather annoying!

On the other hand, the Shadow Master has Dragon Flight and does seem to engage enemies better.

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My favourite is the cataclysmically obtuse Act II merc.

Act V

Me: OMG, double boss packing of screaming purple uglies, holy smoke look at those auras!
Merc: Ooh, barricaded door. Mine!