Why is this supposed to be funny? (serious question)


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Why is this supposed to be funny? (serious question)

There's a joke I recieved in an e-zine today that I don't understand: :scratch:

An Alaskan and a Texan met in New York and decided to do the town together. After many bars they found themselves walking across Brooklyn Bridge. They decided to stop and relieve themselves. As they were standing there adding to the pollution, the Texan turned to the Alaskan and said, "Water's cold!"

The Alaskan replied, "Deep too."
Does anyone have an explanation for me? :scratch:


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maccool said:
They both have long wangs, the Alaskan guy's wang is longer.
Yep, I know.

Texas is only the second largest state. er, wang in this case!

edit: what happened to the "location" detail under my avatar? this reponse only makes sense if you know I am an Alaskan.


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Ummm, bunny person, the locations have been gone since the last forum wipe I believe, heh.

And yes, Florida is the biggest wang in the country. WOOOHOOO GO FLORIDA!