Why is the Monk so fun to play



Hey there. New player to the Diablo franchise. Picked up Diablo 3 for my 360 a couple weeks ago and at first I started as a Demon Hunter. But I wasn't having any fun playing It at first so I started a Monk and quickly found myself just having a blast. I only started on Medium Normal difficulty at first but I like to get the game down before I jump up the difficulty on any game I get. Already now a level 33. Trying to figure out a super fast attack speed build with Dashing Strike to maneuver quickly around the field. Right now my build is self healing type build to were when I use spirit I gain health and it survives pretty well on the difficulty I am on right now. Every now and then I'll get too focused on the battle and forget to heal myself and die but so is the casualties of battle lol

So why is the Monk so fun to play? Does it keep up its strength on the higher difficulties or will I find it difficult to solo big hordes of enemies on higher difficulties

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