Why I haven't been around lately...


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Why I haven't been around lately...

I'm posting this in off topic, so I hope it's kosher...

I've been working to complete my first hard-coded website! No wysisyg here. It's an interesting little experiment in web-marketing, supply and demand. I'm publishing all the data gathered on the site alongside the main content which will generate the data. Anyway, give a look see and let me know what you think.

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Pepsi ownz joo noob!

Just kidding. I think it's great. It definitely grabbed my attention!

Welcome back to the forums! :sunny:


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How will you go about generating traffic?

Other than posting here, that is. :p
I've listed it on StumbleUpon and a few other forums I'm on. I'll also advertise it on my blog, as well as be sending out an official press release once it's been going for a few weeks and the data section and gallery are actually something to look at.

Mainly grass roots promotion I guess. Unless it generates enough revenue to support an advertising budget. Sooo, if you think it's a good idea or are interested in it, tell your buds.

Why's that billboard in Polish?
It's just a cool picture. I figure the majority of winners will be freelance photogs and/or Graphic designers looking to promote their portfolio.



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That is a cool idea, and having the information open is really neat.

Send an e-mail to every major corporation you can - over-hype it and try to convince them the site is going to become big and get tonnes of traffic any day now. You could start a hilarious bidding war between Pepsi and Coke.

Question: You didn't specify anything about various images: depicting illegal activities, pornographic material. The reservations of rights to refuse would imply that you won't post them, but just out of curiosity...hehehe, love those words...out of curiosity...

Me, I would buy it to do some of this:
http://www.globalfairtrade.ca/index.php?content=7&type=1 (2, 3, 4, 5 and 6)

Lots of awesome and shocking stuff on that site. "Like diamonds, mutilation is forever" and "How many carats does this baby weigh?" A picture of Time Magazine from some hypothetical year in the future: "Convicted of Crimes Against Humanity" - Bush's face graces the cover. A tree, arms folded across it's chest. "Mother Nature IS PISSED"

Oh, and the bumper sticker - "Kill for Jesus. Our god is better than their god". We got to hear the story behind it. A guy from southern US posed beside the bumper sticker with his thumbs up and had a conversation with the global aware camera man, explaining how much he agreed with the bumper sticker and how he loved it.

Or something from here:

Another really neat social commentary..."Dad, I understand why you killed yourself, and it makes me not want to be a father cause, deep down, I know I'm just like you!"

Actually, enough derailing. I am putting money on my Pay-Pal account and buying one of these slots...

Will I get the nominal exchange rate of the day? I've got 10 Canadian dollars on my paypal account at the moment...