Why Game Does Not Reset On Normal After Completing It?


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When I beat Baal on normal difficulty it was close to the wall.
Then Tyrael created portal in it and I could not get into it.
I saved and exited the game and saw final cinematic.

The problem is replaying the game on same Normal difficulty.
When clicking on Normal difficulty I start in act 5 and all of my
other quests in act 5 and other acts are completed.

My understanding was that after clicking Normal difficulty
the game is supposed to reset and I should start in act 1
with no waypoints activated and no quests completed.

What am I missing?
Was it really portal issue and game did not register it since
I did not step into it so game did not restart properly?



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It doesn't matter whether you are entering the final portal or not. If yiou enter it, the game will be left. You can as well astay in and leave it elsewhere.

You didn't expect that you can collect the quest rewards again, did you? :) After finishing the game, all completed quests will stay completed and you will keep all waypoints. Unfinished quests can be finished at a later time. If you go to nightmare and then back to normal (respectively, each time you change the difficulty), you will have a new, unexplored map, however, and you still have access to the waypoints.