why eth shaftstop


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why eth shaftstop

I saw eth uped shaftsop going for 15HRs. Why someone would pay so many for unique armor that I almost sold to charsi?
I think fortitude is better in all aspects. You can get cheap fortititude for 1-2 HRs. Etheral can cost you 2-3hrs to get armor and 1 LO rune to make it? So event for a merc you can get eth fort cheaper then 15HRs?
So why do people pay 10-15HRs for eth uped shaftstop?

Eilo Rytyj

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It makes a pretty nice armour, of course! Around 2.2k defense, 60 life and 30% DR. That's probably the biggest selling point, the DR%.

Either give it to a merc or throw a Zod in there and you've got an easy way to get max DR without SS/CoA.


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I would rather give a Stormshield to one of my characters than that armor. Except for DR it offers nothing really useful.

It's nice for a merc, but only because they can't wear shields - except for act 3 ones, but IMO they are not worth to be considered furtherly.


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There is no better chaos sanc tank the the act3 merc.

But a pity that thats the only real usefull party of the merc.


People buy customized armors like that because they have a character with a specific pvp build. I could see how that would be useful in Ironman duels or something where durability is an issue.


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its worth a lot if u get the armor, but personally i would give my merc either a fort, or a stone since they add more def, the damage reduction is nice though for 2.2k def...