why Dragon Talon


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why Dragon Talon

Why is dragon talon so popular pvp?
and what is the exepected damage?


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because of it's speed, ar, and the fact that its cool :p

de damage depends on your gear, naturally. the max damage you should seek to achieve depends on if u r using c/c or c/s


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5-6 kicks done in the time most people do 0.5-2 hits.. so the damage it says is basical 5-6x that. :p
Also, it stuns the crap out of people. Its AR is rather insain..
The damage shown in character screen isn't nearly what it does due to many things not calculating to it.


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It is also a popular skill in the lv 25 pvp range. You can max it out there and get a good BoS. Some use it with DF to teleport into close range, then kick away. With a speed of, say 7/2/2/2/2, even if you block the first attack, the next 4 will land, as you cannot recover fast enough (IIRC).

The great thing is that you do insane damage without chargeups. If you duel a good player, or even in PK, you might never get the chance to charge up 3 times and then land the 4th attack for the release.

And kickers get godly AR. Plus the extra kick damage on boots. (even at low level they will try to wear Warboots or battle boots). Imagine you have a sorc enchant you first and add 500+ damage to EACH kick.