Why does my CS zon rarely hit?


Why does my CS zon rarely hit?

Okay, When I'm dueling against friends or in pubs, it seems that CS is hit-or-miss... First of all, it's supposed to 'always hit' as it has no AR on the character screen. Yet when I duel, sometimes I'll be chopping away with CS at someone for 10-15 hits straight without them taking a single damage point, and sometimes I run right up to them and kill them in one hit.

My gear set-up;

Helm: Shako (Um)
Amulet: Mara's Kaleidoscope
Rings: Raven Frost / Rare resist ring
Boots: Sandstorm Trek
Gloves: Magical +3 Java
Armor: Chains of honor dusk
Belt: tgods
Shield: Sanctuary tower shield
Inv: 10 Java gcs, some with mods

I do around 5.2k damage, and my Amazon is level 72. I have maxed block, and 12xx life, yet it seems like when I duel it's random whether or not I win or lose..

Sometimes I'll lose to duelers with crappy damage and crappy gear, and sometimes I'll kill duelers with nice gear and damage in 1-3 hits.

And lately I've been using Lightning Fury in duels instead of Charged strike for the fact that CS barely hits!



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not sure. might be something to do with block animation? i've been using my wolfbaba for awhile and i've bumped into some cs zons. say that the zon attack first, it seems like my wolfbaba "intercepted" the attack because of faster ias than the cs zon, hence the block animation.

thats my guess :uhhuh:


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I can't relaly see what's going on, but Charged Strike doesn't always hit... the physical part of it relies on normal attack AR. The bolts always come out though, even when you miss, so they should still be hitting regardless.


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could it be bugged. like something to do with the space/position between the characters?


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as lilliel said, the physical can be blocked; however, the bulk of your damage is from cs itself, and not your javelin.

positioning does play a role on whether most of the bolts hit the target or not. its been a while since ive played a java (the last one being season1) but from what i can remember the best damage is when you are 45 degrees from your target. might be wrong; hope some of the experts here correct me. alternatively, you can test it out for yourself. kill some act boss twice, one for each direction (NSEW and 45degrees from those directions) and see which one does more damage.


No, I believe it is bugged.

Because LF has a min of 1 yet when I duel using it I do good damage.

It seems like if you come at your opponent on a diagonal- you won't hit, yet if you come straight at him; either left, right, up or down it seems to work normally.

It also seems like the damage output from CS is very overpowered.
all the bolts comes from the same source, the tip of the javelin, so it's something like 8/3 times damage shown = actual damage if the opponent has 0% res and absorb


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mgill1772 said:
u have no ias in the gear listed....are u finishing the attack or being interuppted....
I think this would be the case. I have a similar problem with my PvM LF javazon--if she blocks or dodges/evades when throwing the LF, the bolts still come out, but do no damage (sam with the plague java skill). Its annoying, but easier to solve than your problem since I'm not melee.


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My best bet is that the enemy is loaded with lightning absorb with full lightning resist. That combined with your miserable luck (you get lower end of the damage most of the time) may result to pitiful damage.
nah I have by myself experienced the same bug though I have some IAS... but it's probably interrupting, though sometime I don't even see the opponent attack. :p


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more grammar= LOL

It could be that the bolts are not even hitting the enemy or ,like said before me, it could be bad luck+resist*absorb=sorry cs zon


I dont duel in pubs, I duel against friends or in private games, and as I said, its not LOW DAMAGE. the attacks DONT HIT AT ALL, meaning NO DAMAGE. Learn to read.


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Davie. said:
Yea cs zons get **EDITED BY DACAR** up by almost anyone with a bit of stacked lit res.

What I edited is a violation of the rules. Making words with *** or abbreviations of swear words is going around the word filter. That is a ban-able offense. Please watch it.


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it could also be passives , maybe your dodge / avoid / evade being too high and you are going into animation to where you look like you attack but you really are just dodging, happens a lot vs wind druids.