why does my barb have crap damage?

why does my barb have crap damage?

I have made a barb and he is lvl 75 now with the following stats with equip

250 str
180 vit
base energy

his skills are as follows

max sword mast
max ww
max bo
+ a few in his passive skills(natural resists iron skin etc.)

his equip is the following

cbb(280%)(eth rune in it)
string of ears 15/8
crafted ring 8%ll and some other nice mods
perfect manald ring
nice ll crushing blow ias gloves(crafted)
gore riders boots
atma's amulet
+ a few 3/20/20sc
a couple of skillers 1 combat 1 masteries
and a few fother life faster hit recovery and faster run/walk small charms

and he has a pitiful 1 handed damage of 2k
I even tried botd(eth cb)
and he only got 2.5k damage
my m8 has over 6k 1 handed damage

I still can take everything on but it is slow if I solo hell baal with a few ppl in the game
does any1 have any ideas why my damage is so low?

and another question is should i put skills in shout or iron skin?


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are u looking at your WW damage output? because IMO ww is nerfed to the bone in 1.10, maybe you rfriend has a concentrate build with maxed conc, BO, sword mastery and second synergie for conc... in that way it is fairly easy to reach 6-9 k damage



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strijdje said:
are u looking at your WW damage output? because IMO ww is nerfed to the bone in 1.10, maybe you rfriend has a concentrate build with maxed conc, BO, sword mastery and second synergie for conc... in that way it is fairly easy to reach 6-9 k damage

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oh to the original poster:

put them in shout, it enhances the duration of all those cries and also helps your merc and party.

damage only really gets high if you have + all skills equipment and stuff like damage charms, ed jewels, wartravelers. poison charms can up your damage a lot too, but at least for pvm, i consider that fake damage.

so dunno how much you got of all that, but that is where you should look for more damage. and a might merc works helps a lot as well.


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There are certainly some things you can do to improve damage. Using ED jewels in armor, shield, helm. Amp won't spawn on WW so you can switch Atmas for more an amulet that offers more offense (+skills, +str, +min dmg, etc). The manald can be replaced with a mana leech ring to pick up some +str or +min dmg. Max dmg charms will also help. Since you are using Storm & 15% string, you have max damage reduction without the shaftstop, so you could swap armor for something that adds damage (lionheart, 4 socket armor w/ed jewels, etc).


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/hijack ahah hey arjen, ja zit hier al een hele tijd joh, maar ben eht mostly SPF lid dus ja, daar vind je mij het meeste :teeth:

srry bout the hijack :xgrin:
has dr now been nerfed to 50%? I didnt know lol this is my 1st char 2 use it in 1.10 :s lol thnx for the tips what amulet do you recomend for a barb? Also I dont like poisen charms 1 they rnt that affective against hell monsters and 2 it is bm in pvp.

another question is I currently only have 2k life would it be better to pump vit. or str. 4 pvp?
id lvl the barb to like 85 usually at like 85 i noticed my chars come together :xtongue:
but if u still need help dont worry Hal will probably post here and he'll give the answer you want


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Well, since Ant brought it up, I suppose I'll throw in my two cents :xsmile4: Forumite powers activate! Form of: an info booth!

I find it surprising that you're only hitting 2.5k one-hand whirl damage with a BotD cb, as I typically hit at least 4.5 when I test it.

As the others have mentioned, ww damage is pretty pitiful in general. Like they said, things like ed jewels (with a second mod like str or elemental damage - ed/max and min are bugged so they don't give the appropriate totals), 3/xx/xx charms, and a might merc will help bring it up a lot. Likewise, since the amp won't trigger on whirl, you should switch out the amulet for Highlord's; that will make you deal double damage up to 37% more often, which helps damage output a lot. Gore riders are likewise useful for the crushing and deadly on them, and good old trav's can add an excellent amount of damage as well.

Also, look into replacing the weapon; ccbs are somewhat weak nowadays, what with all the new runewords, rares, and crafts available.

As for your other two questions: yes, pdr is capped at 50% now, and it's generally better to pump vit for pvp. Most duelers that I know tend to go base-minimum str to wear their gear with item bonuses, and then pour the rest into vit for health; doing this can easily add another few thousand hp to a well planned build. My current dueler (a conc barb), for example, has 81 base str, 7.3k max damage, and just over 6k life. I believe l2aider has similar totals on his whirler, though the damage may be a bit lower (like 5 or 6k).

thanxs for the help all ime not that great with barbs hehe, ime more a caster player but i want a barb 4 bvb coz its so much fun lol, i was goin 2 stretch myself to get a better sword but since the damage diffence is so crap ive decided to stay with mine ive decided 2 get enigma instead, is this a good choice?

o and does anyone have a really hard bvb in europe non ladder? So I can test myself against him. I went for the base str 4 items
base str is 156 for storm
dex is designed for max block
rest has gone in vit so far

thanx again for all your help


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Well since enigma adds so much to STR, people get away with a lot less base str, hence hal's 81 base. This will obviously allow a lot more life, so if you end up with an enigma, you should probably rebuild since you will have over 70 points in STR that arent helping much, when they could be giving ~560 health (after bo). I know STR gives a dmg bonus too, [although usually for it to be worth it you'd need a titan build], but since BvB no longer uses the All STR build, and with leech being basically useless in PvP now, the Vit build has taken over..so yeah, if you do get an enigma, and plan on PvPing seriously, it'd probably be worth your while to remake.