Why does eBay have so many morons??


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Why does eBay have so many morons??

I don't get it. I see some of the most ******** things on eBay.

Just now, I saw a certain baseball card for sale that has no demand and a high book value of about 60 cents. This guy lists his starting bid at $6.98, and requires a $3.50 shipping charge? Who the heck is going to pay $7 for a nearly worthless card (which is readily available at any card store for a quarter because about 100 million were made), and better yet, who is going to pay $3.50 for "shipping" when it only costs one stamp to send a baseball card? Seems to me the "shipping" is just another way to add clink to the pockets of the scammer (er, seller).

but anyway, I see ridiculous things like that constantly. They always always always finish with zero bids. Duh! So it's not too likely that these sellers are succeeding enough for it to pay off. And the thing is, eBay charges money to list items for sale so it's more likely this guy actually thinks he's going to find a sucker (er, bidder). If you're going to pay to sell something, you'd want to do everything you can to make sure it does sell right? Aside from the fact that some sellers are just that clueless, these "auctions" keep corrupting my searches while looking for the reasonable ones. Doesn't ebay have a moron filter? I propose they implement one.

Getting back to another issue I touched on earlier: Shipping. Come on. It doesn't cost much to ship a baseball card. Envelope? 10 cents. Stamp? 37 cents. $5.00 shipping charge? Price gouging.



E-Bay simply provides a service to more effieciently part a fool from his money.

Never underestimate the power of stupidity in groups. E-Bay is my window to wealth!


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If it's valuable you have to insure the sucker, and hey, you have to charge for all that time you spend licking the envelope and such. That guy's tongue is easily worth $800 an hour.

If those auctions bother you, just head to this page and feast your eyes on the true treasures of Ebay:

EDIT: For instance, someone actually bid $12.50 in order to drink from lederhosen


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I was going to bid on a game on ebay but the guy was charging 9 dollars shipping. Wtf is that?? When i order things off half.com I always pay 2.50 and the stamp is always under 2 dollars. People are so stupid sometimes.


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I was going to buy a replacement calculator slide for 1 cent. Yes 1 penny! But just when I was going to bid I saw that the shipping and handling was $5! Just a scam.


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Not all sellers are scammers. The only reason things cost one penny and 10 bucks to ship is because of the fees. Paypal charges fee for credit card payment. eBay charges fee for listing and final auction value (if there are bidders). Sometime, the seller ended up losing money because of the fees. If you regularly sell things online, you will know what I'm talking about.