Why does b.net ALWAYS go down when im transferring?

Lord Nyax

Yes. There is a man at the Blizzard headquarters with ~100 computer monitors showing stats for item drops. As soon as he sees a player drop a valueble item, he can immediately drop that game. He's the hardest working employee there...

EDIT: Sometimes he just picks a random account name or two for a week and drops them every time they try to transfer items. He's very...:sinister::largeevil::devil:


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Its not that its valuable, it wasnt in the least. But its just the past few times i tried to transfer i get booted off of battle.net, the USEast God hates me.


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I cheat...... I've got a second legal copy of the game running on another computer just so I can set up a password prot game for muling. :)

Evrae Altana

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Remember, as soon as you drop something on the ground, there is a +5000% chance of getting realm down, disconnected, insane lag, or connection interrupted.