Why do i suck with Windys?


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Actualy i die most to casters, sorcs and so.
Just seems like its impossible to catch them even with 174fcr.

well, i know its not impossible, i have seen many do it, i just cant
Do you remember to recast your cyclone armor? Remember to recast it after you got hit not when it wears out i.e when you take all the dmg it absorbs.

Make sure you use minion stack, once you lose it it is much easier to kill you. Run back and recast wolves when low on them. You might also try to make a "fake retreat" and in fact have minion stack when the oponent goes after for the hit.

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+ The breakpoint youre referring to is for assasins. The one you should be reaching is 163.


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i use tornado on the left click (with space key as stand still) and teleport, armor, hurricane. summons on the right click.

i have a decent windy on europe ladder. Acc = *hhhrobi altough i'm not online to often these days.

my bigest problem is assassins(trapers). Can't seem to win against them even with wisp+tundergod's :sad:


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Belive it or not, im actualy getting better! still loose like 4 times as much as i do with my bone necromancer or BvA. Still, its a start

Thx to everyone that has replyed in this thread :flowers:

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Im not 100% sure i do it like this, maybe i do and just diddent understand your way.
This is how i do.

Tornado on F1 right click. Teleport on F2 right click.

First get a name lock with F1. Move the curser back under my own feet.
Tap F2 and tele on top of the monster/player. Then fast switch back to F1
and press and hold again.

That is the correct way right? or am i missing some thing?
Get off the F keys for hotkeys. use qwer/asdf/zxv (if necessary). I put weapon swap on tab, map on ctrl and items on space. those hotkeys are much faster than F keys, especially if you play hot-key intensive chars (like assy's).




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I have hotkeys there, this was just for an example.
Thought i would be more easy to explain that way!