Why can't Khalim's Will upgraded?


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You can upp any quest-weapon (Horadric Malus, Horadric Staff, Gibbdin, Hellforge Hammer) as unique item. They turn into a normal quality unique axe with the same attribute as the original. That's ok.
But why won't Khalim's Will budge?

Wirt's Leg if imbued then upped as rare turns into an axe rare (of same attributes as before upping), but lose the name. Still, you can cube it to a magic (blue) item, then make it a crafted item.

Did anyone tried to make something with the other items in the game? Like Diablo's Soulstone, the keys, or the dusts, the token...?


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I don't know myself, but here's a bit information about it: http://www.diabloii.net/forums/threads/about-khalims-will.576525/
I know that thread and if you'd just look into it you'd'nt link it as it is full of false information, like:
- you can't upp wirt's leg
- Horadric Staff can't be upped
- Khalim's Flail/Will can be upped
- only Wirt's Leg canbe upped.
These are all FALSE information (that thread is one reason I made this topic).

True info: any weapon-like quest item except Khalim's Will/Flail CAN be upped by the normal -> exceptional unique horadric recipe, and they turn into a unique normal quality weapon of the same name, and can be upped as that to exceptional and then elite version.
Wirt's Leg can be imbued to rare and upped to a normal hand axe loosing its name, OR be turned to a blue item IF the wirt's leg is socketed by the 3 normal gems (not chipped/flawed/flawless/perfect) + wirt's leg recipe, what keeps its name and can be crafted further into a hitpower item, being a mace class (blunt weapon), and again keeps its name.

It is unknown though why Khalim's Flail/Will won't transmute. This should be cleared by some modder.

It is also unknown if the keys count as normal item (being a white item), or Diablo's Soulstone/Khalim's other parts can be done with anything as they look a unique item (they might be coded to not fit to any of the unique recipes, but who knows until we try).
The essences/token by their colour seem to be crafted, what means they can not be altered, no need to try.


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If I recall correctly, it is due to the way Khalim's Flail and Will are coded in Weapons.txt.

Those other quest items are most likely located in Misc.txt, so the upgrade recipes won't work there.