Why 2Hand FC Bear?


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Why 2Hand FC Bear?

I've seen a character on east who was also a fireclaw bear who used 2hand range 5 giant thresher. I understand that its encouraged for against smiters and casters etc, but this is why this sorta troubles me:

1) FHR for bears is cursed to be crappy, so against really fast smiters u'll be lucky to get a swing in b4 death
2) Without shield youre missing out on damage reduction/resists (ss) or +/- damage (I use 20/-20 monarch on switch ie) and without that lowered resists you're guaranteed to just get absorbed by most chargers/smiters and do nada damage anyways
3) totally neglects prolly most important weap against smiters/ww barbs etc--> Fissure! For example, I personally use 30/-30 PB with 20/-20 monarch and at close to 4.8k damage and -50% enemy resists (if u stack on top of yourself and keep environment betw u and opponent:thumbsup: ) they should totally "eat ****e" in a few burns.

I'm not saying don't use bear, I mean I use bear in prolly 3/4 situations, but against char' with high defense/resists its an uphill battle trying to beat a smiter at what they do best, might as well find a better means of winning I think.