Whose birthday was it yesterday?

How much should the government regulate junk food?

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  • Require all fast food to be healthier.

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Happy Spawning Day!

I know it wasn't me, because I wasn't born (according to my parents, I was spawned from the bowels of hell).

I'd wager it was Dross too. The others would have mentioned it and as it wasn't mentioned and Dross isn't here...well, just connect the dots.


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Has he gone and disapeared again?

Edit : No it wasn't. Sept 5th...

Christor said:
Happy belated birthday, MixedVariety! :clap:
Go with this instead. Happy belated Birthday MV. :drink:

dude awsome

my bday was march 25, i just didnt have access to a comp to post and when i finally did, i didnt :cheesy:

happy late bday


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i cheated and read the thread before posting, suckers.

Happy Birthday *insert name*! May all your *insert noun* be *insert adjective*.