Who's ready for another tournament?


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Tournaments might be my favorite thing to do in D2 right now, and after losing Nikita at level 82 in the S/U worshiper tournament, I'm considering starting my own.

Now, I'm considering doing this regardless of other participation, but wanted to gauge folk's interest. I may just make my own character thread and post individual updates, but if people are itching for another tournament to try, then I'll just host it.

Thoughts? I'm being purposely vague on details I know. This is just a general interest inquiry.

Thanks guys!


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Original idea, or a reboot of a previous kind (All Alone, Random, Skill-less, etc)?

I'll be in no matter what.


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Rationally speaking I'd say no. Between my 99er Sorc and my S/U worshiper tournament Assassin I still have plenty to do. Then again, this is D2 we are talking about, so we surely aren't speaking rationally, now are we? ;)

So who knows?


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My classes just finished (other than two more finals) and I've been feeling d2 lately for some reason. I'd probably sign up, unless I found the rules/restrictions to be offputting for whatever reason.


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I wish I could do some tournamenting, but my schedule leaves me with about 20 minutes a day, 3 days a week on a subway without a mouse. *sadface* So I'm just getting the rest of my Sept characters through normal at the moment.

I'd love to revamp the crafting tourney I ran (looks it up) OMG 9 years ago.