Who's gonna win the Stanley Cup?

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Ash Housewares

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I would just like to say how much I hate the rangers for ruining everyones careers by getting too many players that there aren't enough minutes in a game to have play, its killing the league talent level to have so many good players bunched up like that


Are you kidding me? Where are the 3rd seeded San Jose Sharks? Vesa Toskala and Evegeni Nabokov are both top 7 in GAA AND SV PERCENTAGE, Marleau is an all-star, we just have an all around solid team.


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Well, even though I should propably take some credit for the finns in the league, I'll vote for my all time favorite team, Detroit Red Wings. Stevie Y deserves the ring, yet again...

If for some reason they don't win it, I'd like to see some new names in the stanley cup, meaning Ottawa or Vancouver. So many good players who've never really won anything important.

As for Rangers, sure they have alot of good players but teams can't be built just with superstars, they need to think about how to play together and how to defend also. Sure Jagr and the rest guarantee they're going to make atleast few goals, but when the opponents score more, they'll never win a thing. There's other teams aswell who do great with a team full of stars, namely Colorado, Dallas, Detroit and Philadelphia. Those examples should be proof enough that teams with more than one lineup of stars can succeed (and yes, I know the phillies never win anything...heh)


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Philly's in for a hard time now... Whoever saw JR take that puck to the face... damn

I vote Av's all the way.
I wish Tampa gets to the playoffs, I love Martin St. Louis.


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I can't stand watching sports (yes, I'm a guy... I know, I'm ashamed, too) but I've never really sat down to watch a full hockey game. I think I'll give it a shot one day, before I say it sucks...



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Alright, I guess since this would seem to be the official hockey thread, I'll voice my opinion on professional hockey here.

I believe that professional hockey sucks. I believe that it offers an interesting source of entertainment for people, but that the salaries and everything surrounding hockey players is pretty much a load of bs. Personal opinion, I'm not looking to start a flame war with anyone. I'm simply stating the fact that I believe that a lot of the money invested into professional hockey (and most other professional sports, for that matter) could be invested elsewhere with much more useful results.

That being said, when the winter Olympics come around, there's no way you can unglue me from the TV during the hockey matches. That is the one time I am inseparable from the boob tube due to a sporting event. I love watching the Olympic competitions because it seems like there's so much at stake, much more than normal professional sports or just world championship things. And I love that kind of competition. So, Olympic hockey becomes my religion for the few weeks that it lasts. And I follow it to the letter. And I love it. But I can't stand normal professional hockey. So whoever wins the Stanley Cup, congrats. Not like I really care.