Who will win American Idol?


Bill Hung

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Maverikk said:
As long as American Idol exists, there will never be a winner.
This is somewhat true.

I will win because I will never watch American Idol. :)



Well, there isnt a TRUE american idol since there has been 2 seasons. Maybe they shiould compete!


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th has stumbled upon the innevitable. I guarantee after 1 or 2 more seasons there will be an ultimate idol where they previous winners or runners up compete to see who is the endall idol or something like that.

or maybe the already did it. Wouldnt doubt it myself.


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and after they do the ultimate idol, they'll run a few more seasons, do another world one, then yet another ultimate idol. Then of course, they will have to do an universal ultimate idol. This of course will later have more than one winner as well, leading the madness to continue ad naseum.

Since there will always be people who think they can sing (whether they can or not) there will always be a supply of contestants.

and since mankind has an affinity for breeding, there will never be an end of teenyboppers willing to scream madly for said contestants.

This will be the downfall of Man.