who has my 3 enchant leaf?


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Hey, if you ever need good base for it in SC, I can assist you. If I find where that base now is that is.


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You could make a political joke about people who want to set the world on fire and watch it burn (works for more than one continent too!)


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I've been searching for CDM's Leaf in Chaos Sanctuary for months! But I've only been able to find a bunch of other junk.

Anyone else find it?
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My understanding is that Pyrotechnician "accidentally" put it in the cube with a Horadric Amulet, and turned it into a +3 Enchant Staff of Kings. Duriel was never so fiery.


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Are the good ole days over where we can start finding that which was lost? Or are they still amongst us?
Existed? Mightily, indeed did such a staff exist.