White Zerker


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White Zerker

Hi, i found a low quality zerker axe (or something like that) which I upgraded to normal, I was wondering how many sockets it would get with socket quest. Thanks


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And this BA isn't even good for Oath... You need it to be ethereal to have any decent trading value :rolleyes:...

Voice of Reason is crappy and works only on swords/maces, Phoenix would work but is best in shields, same thing for Fortitude vs. armors...

Passion is a cheap candidate... but not very popular. And if you're playing NL, you can make a Kingslayer out of it, GULs are worth nothing there :grin:.

Famine/Hand of Justice can be interesting too, if you want to try something unusual :wink:.

I think that's pretty much it with this BA.


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By knowing which monster dropped it, for example. Regarding low quality items, the ilvl gets set to 1 when it's fixed with the cube recipe. BTW, that causes a reroll of staffmods and automods which can be be quite crappy then, e.g. for paladin shields.