Whirlwind Assasin?


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Whirlwind Assasin?

I was looking through the rune words and came across the claw rune word which grants +1 to whirlwind.
Which stats should I look for on a claw to maximize this runeword?


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depends on if you want to play any kind of hybrid with trap or only martial arts.

so you should be looking for skills like venom, df, mb, ls etc.

Von Lazuli

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Whirlwind become the main attack skill when utilising chaos, hence most martial art skills are useless, with the exception of Dragon Flight, since it has some tactical use. Also, in some builds, Dragon Talon has a use to kill low defence casters and in situations where whirling is dangerous (Such as non-locked very high damage casters)

As said before, useful skills are:
Venom (for more Damage)
Lightning Sentry (For hybrids, again more damage)
Dragon Flight (Saves skill points on prereq's)
Mind Blast (Either for the saved points on prereq's or like on my WWsin for more damage)



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if this is for pvm then i suggest making a fury instead. whirlwinding monsters takes a hefty toll on durability. the increased ow, ar, ect would be benificial to your kicking. fury would also be ideal in pvp. another option would be malice, but make sure u have some life regen to balance the -regen.