Which weapon to use?


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Which weapon to use?

HI there,

I'm currently thinking about the weapon for my HC Berzerker (untwinked). My Berzerk is at level 23 (with Battle Command) and adds 630% magic damage (I have invested 14 points in Howl).
He is currently using a Thresher with Honor in it. While doing a Hell Countess run I found a Silver Edged Axe. I have the runes and gems to socket it and create another Honor rune word.

Let's look at the damage:
Tresher: 40-384 with Berzerk: 292-2803 Average: 1547
S.E.Axe: 170-295 with Berzerk: 1241-2153 Average: 1697

What should I do? Should I go for the higher maximum damage or the higher average damage?
Higher average damage is more important than high max damage. kind of like if you see a lightning skill do 1-10,000 it may seem very good, but you have as much chance of hitting 1 damage as you do of 10,000. Higher average damage means given enough swings, you'll do more total damage with the SE axe.
But raw damage isnt the only thing to consider. the attack speed and other mods should decide what one you go with, since the average damage isnt incredibly different.


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Seems like treshers range is 4 (oops, yeah, 2), silver-edged axes is 3.

Treshers base speed is -10, s-e axes 0.

I'd probably choose tresher..


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I thought about that too.
But the stats are not that different. The Tresher has a base speed of -10, the SE Axe has 0. But the Tresher has a range of only 2 (Arreat Summit) and the SE Axe has a range of 3.
And the Tresher makes a really bad a** look.


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Without any additional IAS the Thresher (17 fpa) is one frame faster than Silver Edged Axe (18 fpa). So, that speaks for Thresher (not that's a big difference) and the kewl look :cool:

(Thresher [-10]:

0 / 17
4 / 16
10 / 15
20 / 14
34 / 13
54 / 12
83 / 11
138 / 10

Silver Edged Axe [0]:

0 / 18
7 / 17
15 / 16
23 / 15
35 / 14
52 / 13
78 / 12
117 / 11
194 / 10)


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NSXdreamer said:
For look definately the thresher, axe look like toothpick in barb's hands.
You are so right. A Barbarian needs a cool looking weapon. And a Tresher looks ultra cool.

Thanks to all how have answered. I will stay with my Tresher after all I have read.