which realm is best for me


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which realm is best for me

I live in Ontario, Canada. I play on USwest, and over the last hour or so I've had pings around 110 and jumping up over 200+ is that right? when I speed test my connection cable connection, it comes up above the 1mbit barrier.
let me know what you think,
tracert times out around 24th hop on east and west

I just tried pinging all 4 servers, and none of the us ones replied, the europe and asia ones were good though.


Pings can sometimes be affected by outside programs you might have running.

Being in canada, you should have no problems playing on either East or West. Europe and Asia are ALOT less populated, so if thats your thing, play there. Keep in mind the peek hours for those servers will be different than what your used to though.


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Read that thread. Might help alot.

Also, testing your cable carrier isnt always accurate. Why? Extremely complicated and not worth the time to post. It be like taking a networking class. Why bother read the post above and narrow down your issues first.

IF you prove its the bnet server than come back and ask again. Tell me how you prove it though.


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you're in the East, you should play in the East ;) Because Eastside is de best!!

We eastern Canadians need to stick together! (Montreal here)